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This was UPDATED on 15 April 2010.


There are 2 booklines in which you might be interested.

1. The Remembering Your Present Journal Keeping Series: This will over the next decade have 100+ booklets on different types and ways of journaling.

2. The Lethana Series: This is a fantasy series which will include at least 14 books over time.



There are 3 books available at this time. They are:




https://www.createspace.com/3443754 Click on this link to see and purchase.

Non-Fiction. Personal Growth.

DESCRIPTION:  Life is a journey. There are origins, destinations, and ports of call in between. As you travel, are you so focused on the destination, the endgame, the arrival point that the scenery and experiences of the journey escape you? Or maybe things have happened along the way that you would rather gloss over or forget, but they won’t go away? From beneath the surface, an iceberg strikes the hull and you’re sunk.

The things of your past can rob you of the joy in the present and your hope for the future. Learn how to deal with your past through journaling and make your past quit dealing with you. That’s the secret to truly enjoying and remembering your present. Your present life is also comprised of the people, places, events, and things which have great meaning and bring joy to your experience. How soon the memories can fade.

Remembering Your Present gives you the tools and insights to start on the path to preservation of your Story. Your Story is sacred. Journal and put it on the page. Remember the details of your present so they can be carried into the future. Leave your legacy to inform and encourage those who follow. You can’t change your past and the future is not yet here. All we have is our present. Choose to claim it and remember your present be journaling.

Journaling is the transformational tool which allows us to capture and evaluate our experiences in order to learn and grow…in spite of and in light of our circumstances and experiences. If it’s true that an unexamined life is not worth living, journaling is that which illuminates its worth. Journaling helps you to come into closer contact and understanding of who you are. It helps you learn more about whom you are and what you’re like. It offers perspective to see yourself and the world from a different point-of-view—deeper, richer, more genuine, warts and all. You’re a person of worth, with a Story of worth preserving on the page and sharing. Journaling is the vehicle for that journey.




https://www.createspace.com/3443798 Click on this link to see or purchase.

Non-Fiction. Personal Growth.

DESCRIPTION: In a world seemingly bursting at the seams, with ideas, knowledge, and thought, there are few things more important than the root of these things. The basic element which inhabits and inspires every contemplative human being is the spark of belief.

In order to form more complex thoughts, ideas, and even solutions to challenges, there must first be a beginning: A foundational premise upon which the rest of our value systems are based. The ground floor is belief. But, where did belief come from, what informs it, what shapes it, and what impact does belief have on us in our day to day life?

Our beliefs inform what we think, how we live, and ultimately who we become. Whether a particular thing is or isn’t worthy of ponderance might be determined simply on the basis of what we believe to be true or not.

Because belief is so influential, it’s of paramount importance that we understand, implicitly and explicitly, exactly what it’s we believe. For that belief will permeate everything within our sphere of influence. To make decisions, to advise others, to live life, without understanding our belief is truly to live an unexamined life. But, it is not only the understanding of what we believe, but why we hold particular beliefs which should also be deeply explored.

With all of that in mind, the questions are these: ~ What do you believe and why? ~ What don’t you belief and why? ~ Shall we explore our beliefs? Let’s Belief Journal.





https://www.createspace.com/3444015 Click here to see or purchase.

Fiction. Fantasy.

DESCRIPTION: Ever feel like running away? Do you ever want to just get lost?

That’s what happened to Cammi and Ramey.

But they sure didn’t expect to be sucked into a treasure chest.

Nor did they expect to wake up in another world where they were told they needed to find the Lost Volumes in order to prevent a war of epic proportions. Neither did they expect to be awakened by talking horses, much less lead native Lethanans on a journey after they just arrived to the land.

Another startling aspect was the evil Penumbrae and their dark leader, Jaiger.

They also learn about the MOLE, the Mystery of Life Epic.

Lethana, along with all of her enchanting characters, is a world full of wonder you’ll want to visit and explore. It’s escapism at its very best.

Cammi exhibits vulnerability and strength. She’s endured some hard times in life, but learns to overcome them. For the longest time she wants to go home, only to discover she’s already there. In time Lethana steals her heart, as does Ramey.



You also can find the same three books on Amazon at:




All 3 titles will be on Amazon Kindle within the next 2 months.



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  1. Hi Stacy,

    Just to inform you, I just tried to purchase your book “Transformational Tool of Journaling,” but I keep getting the message: ‘www.createspace.com is currently down for maintenance.
    Please retry your request in a few minutes.’

    Please let me know when the site is up. I can’t wait to read your books. 😉


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