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This blog is for anyone who wants to remember the importance of the present moment and how it’s sacred. It’s about leaving your legacy and living life to its fullest. All of this is done through keeping a journal, diary, or blog. It can also be done through reading a book of fiction.

I want this blog to be interactive so please leave comments at the bottom of each blog post, please.

I’ve kept a journal for almost 20 years and my life wouldn’t have been the same if not for journaling. It’s kept me sane, kept me on track, and given me a passion for living well. God gave us life and that’s a present. We’re to choose to live well and not allow our time on earth to be wasted.

I’m married to my best friend. I have a 11-year-old Beagle named Zack and an orange tabby named Sinan. I’m a 3rd generation Colorado native, who will live in Omaha for 3 years and return to Denver, but am in Las Vegas for the next 5 months or so. I love to journal, write, read, exercise, and read/study the Bible.

I also write fiction. It’s a way of escapism which helps you to take a mini-vacation. A mini-vacation allows you the opportunity to rest and get away for a bit so you can be refreshed and rejuvenated when you’re finished reading.


Stacy Duplease

of Remembering Your Present LLC


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