Posted by: rememberingyourpresent | January 7, 2011

New Book Will Be Published in February 2011: pj4life Resource #1 by Stacy Duplease of Remembering Your Present, LLC

Well, you wouldn’t believe what I did this week. Although, I’m sure the title of this blog may have given you a hint.

I’ve written a book and will have it published in February 2011. Now, there’s a story behind it and in my next blog post, I will tell you what it is about and other useful information.

Tuesday was a mixed bag of a day. Everything that could go wrong did. That’s a rare thing for me. Let’s face it. My life is usually happy-go-lucky and I have far more good days than bad ones (Thanks and glory be to God!). Therefore, this was not commonplace and it got to me.

I remember driving home from an appointment after Bible study with some wonderful, special women—thinking how yucky the day was and I started to pray. Little did I expect what followed.

As I drove home for 20 minutes, I realized it was the start of a New Year and I, frankly, wasn’t very prepared for it in some ways. I was in others, but in the ways that counted, I wasn’t prepared. Needless to say, that only added to the yuckyness (made-up word) of the day. After all, I usually buy a new Bible and start a new Daily Devotional at the start of every year. I hadn’t even thought of it until I was in my car—feeling blue and just not right in general. This realization only made me feel worse.


So, I asked God for His forgiveness and listened to what He had to say as I swiped at the tears as they rolled down my cheeks. He asked me what Bible I would get if I could get a new one right that moment. I thought about it and was pleased with my response: there wasn’t one. I have all of the Bibles I want and need. Praise God! That has been 16 years in the making. Victory!

Then, God asked me what Daily Devotional I would buy if I could in that present moment. I stay up to date with these things and am familiar with what’s out there. That’s part of being an author, I have to keep up with the market and what’s out there and what isn’t—and when. In other words, I know the trends and what’s available.

Well, the answer surprised me. There wasn’t one out there that I wanted. I have several Daily Devotionals and realized that this year, I was looking for something more specific.

Once I got over the shock of this realization, God asked me, “So, what are you looking for, then?”

I went into a tirade of what I wanted this year. As I described my heart’s desire, I realized I felt quite passionate about it and wished that there was something out there like what I was looking for. But, there wasn’t. Drat.

“Why don’t you write it, Stacy?” I heard God ask me.

Duh! I am a writer. I know how to write and publish books. So, that only made sense.

I could do that, I told the Lord.

But, I foresaw one problem. I wanted the book NOW. I didn’t want to wait for it.

“So, write it now. It won’t take you very long at all,” God encouraged me.

Needless to say, that’s what I did this week. I just submitted it to the printer and will have it available in February.

That’s what I did this week—since Wednesday morning. I worked at it like an obsessed lunatic (or obsessive lunatic), but I actually did it and should have a proof in my hands in about 2 weeks.

And, what did you do this week? (That’s me being goofy and trying to get you to laugh at me.)

Check out the next blog post on this site for the book description.

Keep checking my website and blog of for more publishing and book news. There will be a store there and other resources listed there as well regarding this book and others.

Keep checking my blog of: for specific information about this book and I will start to put a great deal of information about it on this website.

I still can’t believe I wrote a book in less than 2 days and have it at the printer already! What a miracle.

Still Amazed,

Stacy Duplease
of Remembering Your Present, LLC
Biblical Fiction Author & Journal Keeper

Live a deep-seated, far-reaching faith.



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