Posted by: rememberingyourpresent | January 7, 2011

My New Book: “Your Daily Quiet Time Guide”: February 2011 by Stacy Duplease of Remem bering Your Present, LLC

Book Title:

“Your Daily Quiet Time Guide:

A Reflective Journal Through the Bible in a Year”

1st Quarter: Book 1 of 4

A Resource for Prayer Journaling for Life

Release Date:

Sometime in February 2011.

I will keep you updated.

Book Type:

For now, it will be published in a softcover book. The price will be $14.99.

In time, I will have a PDF for you to buy on my website ( , along with have it available on Amazon Kindle. Therefore, you’ll have three options for the book, depending on your preference.

For more information about the book, and all that’s new with it, check out my blog at:

Books 2, 3, and 4 will all be released in the next four months or less.
Stacy Duplease
of Remembering Your Present, LLC
Biblical Fiction Author & Journal Keeper

Live a deep-seated, far-reaching faith.



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