Posted by: rememberingyourpresent | June 14, 2010

HAPPY MONDAY AND NEWS By Stacy Duplease of Remembering Your Present, LLC


Hello, my friends. I hope you’re well. I also hope you had a fine and fun weekend—full of rest and not too much busyness. I hope you kicked back and were able to recharge for this week—and to stay in better health.

So, what’s new with you?


Last week was full of me trying to get caught up for the time missed in writing (devotionals and fiction book), blogging, and journaling from the writer’s conference in May and from when my Mom visited that I realized I’ve made a grave error.

Never mind all the typing errors I made on my online journal last week—Friday in particular.

But, the grave error I referred to was I need to give myself more writing time and more time to read fiction and books/blogs on writing.

I’m a writer. I’ve been trying to make sure I get 3 devotionals a day done. That’s all well and good. But, maybe 4 would be better and I want to get more fiction published sooner. This is my heart’s desire. This is what I’m called to do.

Also, last week, I was so busy I didn’t take any time for myself. I know better. Yesterday, I had to pay for it. I felt sick most of the day.

Live and learn, Stacy.

So, I’m going to journal a little less (in words), do more twitter style and get more writing done!

That’s my plan, anyway. We shall see how successful I am.

By Stacy Duplease of Remembering Your Present, LLC

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