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~ Read: Psalm 78

~ Key Verse: Read all of Psalm 78 in your own Bible. If you don’t have one, check out any of the following online and they’re free:

~ Devotion: Psalm 78 tells about what God did in the lives of the Israelites in the Old Testament. In fact, it’s a nice summary of Genesis through Deuteronomy. In other words, Psalm 78 shows how God worked in the Israelites’ lives.

Take at least several hours and ideally several days to write your list of everything God’s done in your life. (It doesn’t have to be done in one sitting.) Be thorough. Don’t leave out anything.

Then, as God does more in your life, make sure to add to your list.

~ Prayer: God, help me to examine my life. Help me to see all the times you’ve worked in my life.

~ Journal: What did God say to you and what did you say to God through this journal?

~ Journal: What positive and negative memory/experience show how you’ve already lived this verse already?

~ Journal: How will you plan to live this verse over the next week or two?

~ Journal: What have you experienced and what has God done in your life over the last day?

~ Reflection Question #1: What has God done in your life today and then what has He done this week? This month?

~ Reflection Question #2: What has God in your life over the alst year?

~ Journaling Prompt or Suggestion: Make a list of everything God’s done in your life from your birth through today.

By Stacy Duplease of Remembering Your Present, LLC


  1. HI,
    Thank you for this devotion.I am having some ladies from church over this coming Friday. God gave me a heart for Women.But not necessarily the gift to teach . I am not good with words. and am not a bible scalar… but After prayer I feel like this devotion you wrote I would like to challenge our ladies with . We will read the text . pick out all of the Things GOD did for the Israelite s. talk about it a bit and then given them all a journal.I would challenge them to begin to write down the things God has done for them just this week. Then continue at home with what he has done in the past. to leave a a legacy. Could you maybe give me some things to study about the Israelite and the promise land this week . I don’t know my scripture as well as I should. But doing things like this really forces me to get in to Gods word. Thank You so much


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