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~ Read: Proverbs 9

~ Key Verse: Proverbs 9:10 states how the beginning of wisdom is found in fear of the Lord. Furthermore, understanding comes from knowledge of the holy or Holy One.[1]

~ Devotion: One of the major reasons why most people don’t read the Bible, including Christians who claim to be devout Christians, is because of a lack of understanding of the Word of God. Another reason is people aren’t sure how to apply an ancient text to their lives today. We’ll address both of these issues today.

First, we need to tackle the phrase of ‘fear of the Lord.’ What does that mean? It means to have a healthy respect of Him and not wanting to upset Him. Hence, you’ll watch what you do because you love and respect Him and what to make Him pleased. You realize that there’s a consequence of not obeying the Word of God, the Holy Bible. This is fear of the Lord.

Now, how do you understand the Bible? You may ask.

Proverbs 9:10 gives us great insight into that answer. Understanding is found through knowledge of the holy and of the Holy One.

What is holy? That which is set apart, consecrated, and sacred.

Who is the Holy One? God is.

How do you know God and the holy? How do you understand the Bible? The answer is as simple as the question: Read it. Through reading the Bible, you will gain knowledge and from knowledge, you’ll gain understanding.

Please re-read the previous paragraph two more times before you continue. Allow the words to sink in and claim them as you own.

Let me rephrase everything: How do you understand the Bible? Through knowledge of God and the holy. How do you gain knowledge of the holy and God? Through reading the Bible.

That brings me a lot of relief. I don’t know about you? I used to think I had to be a scholar in order to understand it. I also used to think that it was so boring I could never read it all the way through. I also used to think I was less intelligent than I thought because I didn’t understand it like I thought I should.

Everything I thought was a fallacy. A lie.

This verse of Proverbs 9:10 takes a lot of pressure off of me and give me the only burden of reading the Bible and trying to apply it to my life. Through reading it, I gain knowledge. Through knowledge comes understanding.

However, how do you read it? That’s the catch.

Let’s look at some unproductive ways of reading the Bible:

There are some who have the tendency to read here and there in the Bible—not having a plan of attack—and only reading certain parts of the Bible.

Some open the Bible wherever it opens and read there.

There are some who only get into the Bible if they’re in a Bible and are given assignments through the Bible study.

There are some who never crack open the Bible and only get the Word through a pastor, radio, or devotionals.

There are some who read the Bible, but never apply it.

There are some who read the Word of God, but only when they aren’t busy and it’s convenient.

There are some who are so afraid of the Bible, they never open it.

There are some who only read it, but never study it.

There are some who take verses out of context.

Then, there are some who do a little here and there of several of the types I listed above. (I’m included in this one, to be honest.)

So, how do you properly read the Bible for the most knowledge, which will lead to the most understanding? And, through the most understanding comes the most life application.

Read the Bible from cover to cover at least every couple of years. Preferably, you would read it at least once a year. Ideally, you would read the Word of God more than once per year.

The more you read it through and through—from Genesis to Revelation, the more you’ll know it and the more understanding will be the result of the fruit of your labors.

Have trouble understanding the Word?

Gain more knowledge. Read the Bible more.

~ Prayer: God, help me to make a plan to get in Your Word more. Help me to gain the knowledge so I will then gain the understanding and from there, I’ll know more how to apply the Bible to my life.

~ Journal: What did God say to you and what did you say to God through this journal?

~ Journal: What positive and negative memory/experience show how you’ve already lived this verse already?

~ Journal: How will you plan to live this verse over the next week or two?

~ Journal: What have you experienced and what has God done in your life over the last day?

~ Reflection Question #1: What have you had problems understanding regarding the Bible?

~ Reflection Question #2: How will you gain more knowledge about the Bible?

~ Journaling Prompt or Suggestion: Make a plan to read the Bible from cover to cover at least once over the next year. Then, put it into action—starting today.

By Stacy Duplease of Remembering Your Present, LLC

[1] Paraphrase of NLT, NIV, NKJV, NASB, WEB, and the KJV.

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